Wednesday, October 31, 2012

FreshDirect Consultant, Majora Carter, Hides Behind Mask While Trying to Disrupt Growing Movement Against FreshDirect

FreshDirect and its “consultants” have been engaging in new, desperate attempts to block the facts of the devastating health impact of the company’s proposed relocation of a 500,000 sq ft warehouse onto public waterfront land in the South Bronx, bringing 1,000 daily truck trips through a neighborhood with eight times the national asthma rate.
“Consultant” Majora Carter, hired by FreshDirect under a one year contract for an undisclosed amount of money, created a shadow twitter account, @SouthBronxUntie, that began tweeting to followers of South Bronx Unite in an attempt to disrupt growing, city-wide condemnation of a $130 million subsidy to support FreshDirect’s relocation.
Hurling insults at the community from behind a disturbing Twitter avatar mask, Majora Carter’s identity was revealed when she forgot to turn off her location device on her tweets, which pinpointed the Twitter source, an exact location match to @majoracarter.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

South Bronx Unite joins the Tour de Bronx to share information with thousands of bikers about FreshDirect's rotten intentions for the Bronx (and to explain why bikers are unable to ride on the polluted waterfront of Mott Haven/Port Morris).